boleh pandang pandang

Thursday, September 29, 2011

komunikasi dengan jejaka tersayang sedang dikurangkan
komunikasi dengan jawapan jawapan trial ditingkatkan.

hobi aku sekarang, balik rumah tido dan tido dan makan dan masak dan tido dan sebagainya.
semalam aku dah seteres bangat dengan result trial yang....tettt malas nak ulas. 
harini aku seteres dengan pencarian skema trial negeri negeri lain kerana proses tersebut sangat amat sukar ditambah dengan masalah tenet kat blok ini yang agak tahi.
oh petang ni ade anugerah koku yang agak best sebab ade nyanyi nyanyi. tak best kena duduk sebelah budak form1 lelaki yang aku tak ade perasaan pun nak bertegr sapa. then, aku harus melayan perasaan sesorang. aduihai, headphone rosak pecah dan barai. kalau tidak, boleh jugak aku layan mp3 time majlis nanti. adoiimak bosan mak. 

-masih menekan nekan keypad, gugel skema trial. SHIT

Sunday, September 11, 2011



it had been faiv days. God. lend me some strength. give me some courage. i need to be like this. for my own sake. for our own sake too.

still, cant stop myself from reading again all the texts. 
cant help myself from remembering you. 
it makes me think about that again.
it is not that i'm avoiding you but just wanna make you think . i simply mad of you huh? that is totally right because i'm big-air-headed. to be frank, he did what u did to me, before. that makes me HATE you much more than i hate him. but, i was so in love with him that i ignored all the stupid things when we're together.. silly nina sometimes cant understand and keep asking herself why he loves her. 
and till now, she couldnt find the answer. 
nina thought that she can live her life in peace if she stop loving him. she want to forget him as soon as she can. but all that happen is, she's torturing herself again and again. it became worse when nina started to remember the old guy that she loved so damn much, long time ago. crap. she stalk him. she review his profile for times just to make herself feel warm. when she saw the pretty girl beside him, she cried. like stupid. comeon, he left u already nina. wake up. there's someone waiting for you. there, out there. see ? he's smiling in lovely face and trying his best to comfort you. what makes you blind of his kindness ? you can only see his wrongdoings huh ? 
yeah, that is you nina. 
always look at someone that leave you for another girl and ignore the guy who loves you more than himself. 

stop doing that nina.